Putting Order into Brownian Motion via a V-Shaped Aluminum Eddy Current Device

A nano magnet vibrates due to brownian motion in a fluid such as water. If this nano magnet is placed into a device with aluminum in it, the nano magnet will interact with the aluminum and cause eddy currents. In this device shown above the aluminum is shaped in a sideways V. The narrower gap causes more eddy current braking or dampening to occur. Insulation may be needed between the aluminum and the brownian motion fluid to stop eddy current heat from radiating back into the fluid – however it may not be needed (aluminum also has an oxide on it).

Does this device geometry cause the nano magnet to head to the path of least resistance over time, putting direction into brownian motion? The widest gap area should be the least path of resistance. Does the nano magnet migrate toward the wide gap (left) over time? If so, this puts into question the second law of thermodynamics, as brownian motion now becomes directed at our whim, without expending energy. It would work based on geometry.

To reset the system the V-shape could simply be reversed to have the magnet move back to a new starting position (the vee facing the opposite direction). Controlling the aluminum v-shape to reset the system is not discussed here as this is another engineering problem to be solved. Even if the brownian motion was ordered only for many seconds without us continually reshaping the aluminum gap to reset the system so the magnet goes the other way, this would falsify the second law as ordered motion would be possible for many seconds during the brownian motion path through the vee shape.

Interesting questions to ask: what happens when Johnson/Nyquist noise occurs in the aluminum? Does the Johnson noise cause the nano magnet to do nothing spectacular and simply move no where specific with no least path of resistance? Ultimately this would have to be tested empirically to see what the outcome is. How narrow can the gap be for what length so that the path is longer while still noticing the effect?

Advantage of this potential second law violating device: extremely simple, easy to build. No complexity like the straw man Brownian Ratchet device. No complex springs, pawls, or gears, latches, etc. This is as simple as it gets.

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