Time's Arrow Related to Entropy: Second Law Violation

Ideally the second law of thermodynamics would be falsified and would only hold true in most macroscopic systems. In some special microscopic or nanoscopic systems the second law would not be true. Breaking the second law of thermodynamics sounds like a crackpot idea, however since science is about falsifiable claims, we have to consider that the second law may be falsified. One cannot reject a device simply because the second law says it won't work – if the second law doesn't work itself, this is circular reasoning. I am not proposing that any of my devices in this paper have falsified the second law yet: they need to be tested.

The second law hopefully only holds true in macroscopic systems and it would be very spectacular if the second law could be violated at the mesoscopic or nanoscopic or microscopic realm. The Olson Time Arrow proposes that magnets can be used to sort information or energy, separating hot from cold. However not just magnets, but also a simple lever connected to a viscous fluid are proposed in the ping pong ball thought experiments. In other words: forget about making a brownian ratchet do work, just focus on separating hot from cold only – then use that hot and cold temperature differential to create a refrigerator or sterling engine. In this paper I propose separating hot from cold and completely abandon the complex brownian ratchet idea in favor of simpler designs.

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